IDU Shipping & Services | Brief Presentation
Providing agency services for an average of 975 vessels every year, IDU Shipping & Services is the leader of the Romanian market!
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Brief Presentation

IDU Shipping & Services

IDU Shipping & Services was established in 1992 by Capt. Corneliu Idu, as a result of his own experience, as a master for 8 years and a shipping manager for more then 25 years.

From the beginning, our agency has successfully won an international reputation well known. Provinding agency services for an average of about 800 vessels per year, we can modestly sustain that IDU Shipping & Services is the leader of Romanian market.

For covering activity in all Romanian ports, IDU Shipping & Services masters two branches. The head office is placed in Constanta (for vessels calling Constanta, Mangalia and Midia ports) and a branch office in Galati (for vessels calling Galati, Braila, Tulcea and Sulina ports).

Constanta Office Staff
Quality Policy

Quality Policy and Objectives

IDU Shipping & Services provides a full range of services to owners, charterers, traders operating in all Romanian ports and terminals. We have a strong dedication to ethical, legal and regulatory key parameters.

We are constantly working to identify risks, develop, implement, maintain and control measures in order to improve the quality of our services, to reduce our consumption of natural resources, to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner and to minimize health and safety risks for all persons involved in our daily business.

As a part of this objectives, IDU Shipping & Services has established and maintains a Quality Management System according to the standards of  SR EN ISO 9001:2008.

Our company is a “FIATA” individual member since 1993.

We became a “BIMCO” member since 1994.